Metrosource Minis is the official podcast companion to the national LGBTQ print and online magazine featuring short form interviews with our featured celebrities from the LGBTQ world and beyond...with your host, Alexander Rodriguez. Quick, fun, and informative...Metrosource on the go. 

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Drag Race Hangover Podcast is your RuPaul's Drag Race recap show hosted by nightlife guru Anthony John & on-air personality Alexander Rodriguez - two queens talking about other queens. What happened, who won, who wore what, what was she thinking?, best outfits and best tag lines...we got you, girl! 

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It’s The Naked Truth, raw and uncensored adult chat with the stars JustForFans as we get personal…bedroom stories, sex tips, and more… …close the door, turn down the lights, and turn up the volume…it’s time for The Naked Truth… and jazz hands!...with your host, Alexander Rodriguez.

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